Top 10 Aircraft Games on Android

Top 10 Aircraft Games on Android

Flying has been one of the most important and anticipated advancements in human history. Many of us have grown playing air fighting games in arcades and being able to fly planes and helicopters on our Android devices make us rejoice and reminisce the good old days. That’s not all Aircraft games are more than flying planes, some games are fast paced fantasy action ones yet some allow us to enjoy aerial flights with relative ease. So here are the Droid Bean’s Top 10 Aircraft games on Android.

10. Air Patriots

Air Patriots

Air Patriots is a top down tower defense game at heart but it also has air planes. Actually the air planes are the “towers” which you are able to maneuver around the given map. The idea is not actually unique but its implementation and incorporation with the tower defense genre is relatively new. There are many levels for you to play but the “gears” needed to upgrade planes are hard to come by. That is why the game is at the end of our list of the top Aircraft games on Android despite being a great one.

9. Roaring Skies

Roaring Skies

Roaring Skies is similar to Air Patriots but with the inclusion of multiplayer. The game is presented in top down 2D view and the graphics are somewhat lacking in detail. But that is good for those who don’t have access to high end devices. The game has intuitive controls but the upgrade are far and few, which leaves us wanting more.

8. Armageddon Squadron

Armageddon Squadron

This is World War II and you have access to almost all the iconic war planes used in the war. This is one of the few 3D war games which let you pilot your own air craft. There is no cockpit view but the third person tail camera will let you enjoy the carnage of dogfights in full 3D glory. A great game if you want to enjoy WWII themed environments and missions.

7. C.H.A.O.S


C.H.A.O.S is a helicopter based simulation game which allows you to choose from multiple real world helicopters and engage in vicious missions. But before you take your chopper on actual missions, you will have to undergo extensive training which will make you the ultimate aerial master. The game is fully 3D and has multiplayer so you won’t run out of entertaining content for a long time.

6. Air Navy Fighters

Air Navy Fighters

Air Navy Fighters allows you to be a part of a battle carrier and fly from sea to air. Launching your fighter jet from naval carriers is very exciting and is portrayed in full 3D graphics. There is nothing less spectacular than taking off while the sun is setting. The plane is highly detailed and so is the physics engine.

5. Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

Sky Gamblers is a WWI themed aerial combat game with fully 3D planes and environments. It is a visually impressive dogfight simulater which is bound to keep you entertained for many hours.

4. Daredogs


Daredogs don’t only have a clever name it is also a clever game. There are cute dog characters, there are dogfights and there is a compellingly funny story in Daredogs. That’s not all the game is addictive, hard to put down and it gives 10% of its earnings to charity. What more can we want from a game.

3. Air Control

Air Control

Probably one of the most unique games on the Android Play Store, Air Control is one of those games which are easy to learn but hard to master. You are the air traffic controller and you have to make sure that each and every plane/helicopter headed towards your air field lands safely. The gameplay is simple; you have to make a path for the planes to follow with your finger keeping in mind that they don’t collide with each other. It is a great mind teasing game. A truly amazing game which deserves a spot on our Top 10 Aircraft games on Android list.

2. Strikefleet Omega

Strikefleet Omega

You are the last hope for humanity; you are the last space ship which is capable of defeating the ruthless alien threat. You are Strikefleet Omega. The game is a wonderful combination of strategy, resource management, arcade shooters and troop dispatching. It is a truly great game which is visually striking and involves actual thinking.

1. Ace Wings Online

Ace Wings Online

Ace Wings is a beautiful game with its 3D graphics and slightly off reality air planes. It is an amazing game which you should play yourself before coming to a conclusion. Goofy planes are there to fly and dizzying acrobatic maneuvers are yours to pull.

This concludes our Top 10 Aircraft games on Android list. All these games are bound to quench your flying thirst and will also keep you entertained for quite a while. Happy flying guys!

Bilawal Bashir

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