Top 10 Old School Games on Android

Top 10 Old School Games on Android

These days games have gotten a lot easier, auto healing and unlimited save points are dumbing down the challenge. That is why we are making a Top 10 Old School Games on Android list, so that all those old school gamers will have something to play. Needless to say that this list contains some seriously old school titles, so the difficulty will be a bit higher to what you are used to . But if you are a 80s-90s kid, these games will bring back so many arcade memories. So without further ado here are the Top 10 Old School Games on Android.

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10. Tetris


Tetris is among the very first games which became a global phenomenon and people flocked around the arcade cabinets to play it. It is a puzzle game in which blocks come down from top and you have to change their orientation in order to fit them in the given space. Successfully completing a line will eliminate that line of blocks. Failure to do so will result in the block piling up and after there is no more space to fit the blocks, the game will be over.

9. Sonic CD

Sonic CD

You are Sonic, a blue colored hedgehog who can run at insane speeds. Sonic CD brings back the poster boy of SEGA on the Android platform. The fast paced running action is sometimes hard to keep track of and you will struggle to see the obstacles. This unforeseen danger is what makes the game so enjoyable and fun. But before long you will be whooshing past the stages skillfully avoiding the hurdles and collecting coins. This game is the father of Temple Run.

8. Duke Nukem 3D

Duke Nukem 3D

The shooter which redefined attitude and made a large impact with its crude humor, Duke Nukem 3D is among the best old school shooters. You are Duke Nukem, the all American badass who is on a mission to free earth from pig faced aliens. Although it borrows some elements from DOOM, Duke is still one of the most enjoyable games to grace the gaming scene.

7. Double Dragon

Double Dragon

Double Dragon is a side scrolling arcade brawler action game with great animations and special moves. The Android version brings back the familiar formulas of beat em ups and updates the graphics to compliment the high resolution screens. Double Dragon is a must have for all the action games fans out there.

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6. Metal Slug 3

TMetal Slug 3

The legendary NEOGEO action game, Metal Slug 3 is now available on Android. There are guns, there are solders and there are goons to shoot. With innovative multilayer gameplay, Metal Slug 3 is one of the best arcade 2D side scrolling actions games ever. The gameplay is fast and brutal, one hit from the enemies and you are a goner. But fear not you can get gun upgrades, tanks and mechs to aid you in the battle.

5. Frogger


Probably the most old school game on the Top 10 Old School Games on Android list, Frogger is a simple game. You are a frog who for some reason wants to cross the road and a river. And for another weird reason you are unable to swim. The highway is really busy but the frog is really determined to cross, it is up to you to avoid the cars and jump in the floating logs to make it to the other side.

4. Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III was first released on 1990 but soon became on the most celebrated Japanese role playing games of all time. The turn based gameplay was both innovative and unique which grasped the imagination of the players. The game is now available on Android and is one the must recommended games on the Top 10 Old School Games on Android.

3. Lep’s World

Lep’s World

The original Super Mario Bros. is not going to happen on Android. But Lep’s World is going to fill the void by shamelessly ripping the game off. Instead of a plumber there is a leprechaun (which makes collecting coins a bit justifiable). The rest is exactly the same.

2. Carmageddon


The insane and amazing car racing game Carmageddon is now available on the Android platform. The only racing game on the Top 10 Old School Games on Android and it is not even about racing. It’s about running over unruly pedestrians and crushing other racers.

1. R Type

R Type

R Type is as hard as it is going to get. The side scrolling space jet shooter game is now on Android. It is hard, unforgiving and will make you mad. The controls translate well to the touch screens of today, and the gameplay is a bit amped up. Get ready to be obliterated over and over again. It is a true old school game worthy of number one spot on Top 10 Old School Games on Android.

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There you have it folks, the Top 10 Old School Games on Android. We hope the games will quench your thirst for challenge and will bring back nostalgic memories to you.

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