Top 10 RPGs on Google Play

Top 10 RPGs on Google Play

Role Playing Games which are better known as RPGs are the games which cast you as a hero who gradually becomes powerful. The RPG formula is always about hooking the player and locking him in its fantasy world. Many role playing games have extensive looting systems, many have visceral combat yet all great RPGs have the ability to suck hours upon hours of the player’s time. That is why they are always great value for money. Lets have a look at the Top 10 RPGs on Google Play:

10. Royal Revolt

Royal Revolt

Royal Revolt is not a role playing game strictly speaking but it does incorporate some additive elements of the genre. It is more of a reverse tower defense game than a RPG but it casts you are a young price who is determined to take his throne back. You can upgrade units and attack; you can even cast healing spells to sustain your forces. Slaughtering enemies grants you more coins which can then be used to recruit more solders. Royal Revolt is also a free game, which doesn’t hurt either.

9. Zenonia 5

Zenonia 5

Meet a 2D action RPG with a lot of action and good old role playing. Zenonia 5 allows you to choose your class, whether it be a berserker, mechanic, wizard or paladin and lets you lose in an expansive world. Fully fleshed out characters and a robust fighting system makes Zenonia 5 one of the most exciting role playing games on Google Play. The fact that it is a free game and is the Editor’s Choice further intensifies its worth.

8. Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III

The original 1990 hit which became the first Final Fantasy game to hit one million sales is now available on Android. All the job changing on the go and summoning giant behemoths can now be done on your portable Android device. Improved visuals and additional story sequences makes this version of Final Fantasy III a little special. Although it’s hefty price tag will keep many gamers away, except for the most devoted fans.

7. Order & Chaos Online

Order & Chaos Online

In a nut shell, Order & Chaos Online is the portable World of Warcraft. It is a full-fledged online multiplayer role playing game complete with awesome quests and raids. There is also a robust crafting system. You can choose between 4 races including elves and orcs, select gender, classes and talents. There are over 1000 skills and 2000 pieces of equipment to be found in the massive world of Order & Chaos Online.

6. Heroes Call


Heroes Call is the Diablo for the road, featuring amazing looking visuals and all familiar top down RPG experience. The combat is satisfying as is the looting. You will be immersed in Heroes Call for quite a long time and it will all be a joy. Dynamic play lightning and rag doll physics makes the Heroes Call all the more loud and alluring.

5. Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends

The free to play Arcane Legends has a cartoonish look but don’t mistake it as childish. The game is full-fledged role playing game with interesting quests and a very cast world to explore. The major hook of Arcane Legends is that it allows you to team up with your friends and go on quests together online.

4. Wild Blood

Wild Blood

Powered by the legendary Unreal Engine, Wild blood is one of the best looking 3D role playing games available on play store. With its hack and slash gameplay and stellar graphics, Wild Blood is one of the most important RPGs to ever hit the Android gaming scene. The combat and graphics are the major selling points of the amazing game which is clearly made to impress.

3. Eternity Warriors 2

Eternity Warriors 2

The staple dungeon crawler role playing game, Eternity Warriors 2 literally lets you run around in dungeons. The enemies are a little easier in the start but they do get challenging as you progress, good thing that you also become infused with god like powers. Loot, skills and action for free, makes this game take the 3rd spot on the Top 10 RPGs on Google Play.

2. Dungeon Hunter 3

Dungeon Hunter 3

Unlike Eternity Warriors 2, Dungeon Hunter 3 allows you to choose from several classes. This time around the game is also free to play and has a bigger and faster action centric gameplay. There are 16 different arenas for you to hack and slash enemies and there are 5 difficulty levels so that you can have the level of challenge you desire.

1. The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale

One if the most entertaining and humorous title available on the Google Play store, The Bard’s Tale is the most amazing role playing game I have ever played on a mobile platform. The scripting is absolutely amazing, sarcastically funny and satire. The joke over take the whole game and you get so much invested in the story to even consider playing another game, even if you are at home. The Bard’s Tale is a bargain at its price and I personally have spent over 10 hours playing the game. Highly recommended, the cream of the crop, The Bard’s Tale takes the Top 10 RPGs on Google Play crown.

Bilawal Bashir

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  1. Bastián Millanao
    July 28, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    Great post, i like 7/10 of the games of the list, you need to play Inotia 4: Assasin of berkel. is greatly recomended, do not judge the graphics, im in lv50 and its getting more and more exciting.

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